Ken returned to his original employer for the next seven years, remodeling many churches and historic buildings.  He also
worked on many new building projects, including medical clinics and schools. He sharpened his finish work skills (cabinets, countertops, doors, etc.) as his employer moved in that direction and away from full renovations. Ken also sought out side
jobs where he was able to continue home remodeling projects.

Ken married his high school sweetheart (Meredith) in July 2000. They bought their first home in 2002 and in it Ken
rediscovered his love for remodeling. He has fully remodeled two of their bathrooms, their entire attic, and their entire
basement!  They had their first child (Symone) in 2004, and four years later had another daughter (Giselle).  Meredith is a
teacher at the school up the block.  In 2012 Ken decided to start his own business.  His goal is to provide an experienced
eye at a reasonable cost.
He enjoys owning his own business for many reasons - mostly because it allows him to begin
each day watching his three girls walk to school.