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Here are some KP Carpentry customers talking about their experience with our Home Improvement, Carpentry & Handyman services.

Tom in Milwaukee
 Description of Job:   Kitchen ceiling repair from water leak
My experience with KP Carpentry:  "Ken did an excellent job repairing my kitchen ceiling - he is very thorough and detailed in his work. I even asked a couple friends if they could tell where the ceiling was repaired and they could not!  I would highly recommend KP Carpentry - very satisfied customer".

Jeff from Franklin..
Description of job:  Wood rot on storage shed.

My experience with KP Carpentry:  "I had a backyard shed repaired by Ken and the work was done in a professional manner, and the attention to detail was outstanding. Will definitely have him back for future projects!"

Thomas in Milwaukee
Description of job: Replacement of exterior wooden door sill, and adjustment of warped exterior doors

My experience with KP Carpentry: "From experience I've learned that even the simplest of repair projects to my 80-year old home only reveal more complications and headaches.  I'm glad that I sought help from KP Carpentry. Ken capably delt with the many unexpected challenges that occurred. He listened to me, and really cared that I was satisfied. Thanks for everything!"

Carla, Milwaukee Bathroom Remodeling

"Ken did an excellent job of removing the existing sink and counter and replacing it with a new vanity and sink, as well as re-installing the toilet.

He has very high standards and takes all necessary steps to make sure his finished work is up to those standards.  He is diligent and doesn’t stop working until the job is done.  If he says he will do something, he will do it. There is no need to stand over him to ensure the work will be done.  He is laid back and easy-going, the kind of guy that you can tell where you hide the key so he can work whether you are there or not.

I have recommended him to my friends and will continue to do so."

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