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Interior Moulding and Wood Trim 

There are many reasons for installing wood moulding in your home.  Interior moulding is used to increase the value of your home, and make the room look complete and finished.  Installing wood moulding in a room can help show off your own unique style as well as give you an instant reward.

There are many different types of moulding that can be used to finish off a room.  Every piece of wood moulding that can be installed in a room has a different job.  Some of the most common types of moulding are: baseboards, wainscot paneling, chair rail, door and window casing, and crown moulding.  Most of these pieces have an additional type of wood moulding but for now we will focus on the most common.

Baseboards run along the wall at the floor.
 It is important that the baseboard and casing match to help make the room look as if it flows together.  Also baseboards are usually thinner that casing.

Wainscot paneling is trim work that is installed above the baseboards and below the chair railing.  There are many different options of wainscot paneling including raised panel, shadow box, bead board.  Once combined with a baseboard and chair rail wainscot paneling can create a beautiful look to any room.

Chair rail has a decorative and practical purpose.  Applied to the wall, they are a beautiful accent to a room.  Chair rail will also protect the walls from getting scuffs and dents from the backs of chairs.

Door and window casing defines the overall look of the room because they are the most visible part of the wood trim.  The main reason for casing is to cover the gap between the drywall and the door or window jamb. Door and window casing is more often thicker than baseboards.

Crown moulding is thought to be one of the trickiest type of wood moulding to install.  Crown moulding needs to be cut upside down to and backwards for a proper fit.  Crown moulding usually runs along the top of the wall and touches the celling.  Crown moulding is used to soften the transition between the wall and the celling.  Crown moulding can be used with other pieces of wood moulding to create a new and custom look.

From time to time all homes can use some updating and repairs.  Sometimes wood moulding needs to be replaced.  Let the finish carpenters at
KP Carpentry repair or replace your baseboards, chair rails, wainscot paneling, door casing, window casing, Doors, crown moulding and more!  If you need exterior repairs, let us install or repair your fascia, soffit, service doors, brick moulding, porch steps, and railings.  We will happily fix any animal damage on the exterior.  Contact KP Carpentry with questions about all of your interior or exterior needs!