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Hardwood, Engineered, Laminate, or Vinyl Flooring


Do you want to replace your current flooring?  Not sure of which flooring is right for you?  The right flooring can make the room flow, it gives the room character.  The right flooring not only complements the cabinets, countertops, or furniture .  It can complete the whole feel of the living space.  The flooring needs to be strong, durable, and easy to maintain.  How do you know what the right flooring is for you?  There are a lot of different flooring choices Hardwood Flooring, Engineered Flooring, Laminate Flooring, or Vinyl Flooring.
Lucky for you, KP Carpentry can help you make the decision.  We work with the largest trade only wholesale flooring source in North America to provide our customers with the lowest price in town which we gladly pass onto you.

Hardwood flooring -  A quality hardwood floor isn't just an aesthetic investment, it also helps boost a home's selling price.  For many sellers, hardwood flooring can help. Across the country, most real estate agents agree that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell. In many cases a homeowner can double their return on investment by installing hardwood floors. You can't get a much better bang for your buck than that.

Wood floors don't just benefit people looking to sell their home. They also offer many advantages for those looking to stick around for awhile. The average lifespan of a hardwood floor is 30 years before it may need to be reborn with sanding and refinishing.  That may seem like a long commitment to a homeowner who updates and changes décor every few years. But, hardwood works well with many different decorating styles and offers timeless beauty.

Engineered Flooring -  Engineered hardwood is comprised of two or more layers of wood that have been laminated together, the top being a veneer and the bottom a softer wood backing. The top wood veneer comes pre-finished and the overall system can be nailed, glued or floated directly on slab, subfloor, linoleum, or tile.  The design of the engineered flooring 
makings it better-suited for below-grade and basement installations.  The top layer can be refinished at least once and it offers an instant floor when done, because the engineered flooring comes pre finished.  

Laminate Flooring -  Laminate flooring or floating floors offers variety that makes it tough to resist.  Laminate flooring is a fiber core board with a photo on top.  With authentic looks, designs, finishes and brands, laminate flooring cover a wide range of tastes and traffic areas. And more than other types of flooring, laminate floors resist stains, fading and dents, and are far more scratch and water resistant. Most laminate flooring installs with a glueless locking system for a quick, quality installation. Ongoing technological and styling advances continue to expand laminate flooring choices in terms of aesthetics and application systems.

 Flooring -  The vinyl tile category continues to figure prominently in showrooms. Enhanced visuals and embossing have allowed vinyl flooring to once again take their rightful place in homes.  Vinyl flooring tiles are particularly well suited to imperfect substrates, guaranteed to lay flat. The new vinyl have taken this flooring category from formerly bland to awe inspiring as technology continues to advance.

If you like the look of classic hardwood flooring or the variety of the pre finished engineered flooring Contact KP Carpentry today to get your new flooring install.  Or may be it's the durability of laminate flooring that has caught your eye.  You can't forget about the re establishment of an old time tested vinyl flooring.  What ever flooring you choose, don't forget to have KP Carpentry help assist you with you're flooring and install.