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Exterior Carpentry Work 

     Old wooden railing that was dammaged     New rebuilt railing to match the rest of the porch.

      Damaged wood railing and porch flooring.     Rebuilt railing and porch decking to match the existing railings.

     Old cedar deck with step.      New cedar deck with a border and a step.

     Old cedar deck with two steps      New cedar deck with a border and two steps.

After removing the old rotten painted deck boards. We installed new cedar and built a step that now covers the entire front.     
Here is a garden shed that was built with just an idea and a rough drawing. It has four doors and many pull out shelfs.

This is a long storage unit that fits nicely between the house and fence.
    This is a custom steel entry door into a garage. The door height was only 6 feet tall.

Here is a porch that was in need of new floorboards. the support,and railing stayed the same.

A new hand railing on a Milwaukeee front porch.

A custom made playhouse with a front porch, slide and swing set. It even has storm windows and door for the long winters.

A new storm door to replace the one that the wind ripped off of the door jamb.

Before; Paint bubbling off of the door and it was talking the door wood with it.    After: replaced the bottom of the door with a new panel.

Inside of the house the wood and paint were both falling off the door.    We routed out the bottom of the door and installed a new wood panel.

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