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Do you have a door that rattles, squeaks, scrapes or just won't close?

The door itself is usually not the main problem.  There are many types of doors.  Some of the most common are solid-core, hollow-core, panels or particleboard-core.  Different doors can do different things.  The most common problem for a door to do is warp.  If an exterior wood door is warped there is usually a lot of energy escaping from the home.  That exterior door should be replaced.  

A properly fit door must have an even gap between the door and the jamb all around the door.  An easy way to make sure that the door is spaced properly is to install a prehung door.  Prehung doors can be installed as interior or exterior doors.  These doors are most often wood, steel or fiberglass.  If the door is going to be an interior door then it does not come with door casing (wood trim that finishes off the door ).  The pros at KP Carpentry can also install wood trim that matches the moulding that is already in your home.

The hinges should be flush with the jamb and move freely.  All hinges have two leafs.  One h
inge leaf is attached to the outer edge of the door with screws. The screws grab effectively only in solid wood core doors (not particleboard). Long screws can be used if the door is solid wood, but shorter screws are used for a hollow-core door or a solid-core door with a particleboard core.  The other side of the hinge attaches to the jamb.  On the jamb leaf of a hinge, long screws are used if they can reach the house framing.  If the hinge squeaks it might only need a bit of the right lubricant to free it's sticking point.  In most cases if your door is binding there is usually a simple repair that might need to be addressed.  If the door binds on the latch side on the top, the upper hinge might be loose.  If the door binds on the latch side but on the bottom, you may need to fix the screws on the bottom hinge.  There are many tricks to getting a door to swing just right. The experienced carpenters at KP Carpentry know all of the tricks of the trade to get that door swinging again.  

There are almost as many different types of doors as there are people.  In addition to the solid-core, hollow-core, panel, and particleboard-core doors there is a variety of different types of doors.  There are steel, fiberglass, bifold, sliding, double, and a host of others.  It's important to note the huge range in quality and price when looking for doors.  

A steel door has quickly become one of the new "go to" doors for a lot of people.
The most important thing to note when buying a steel door is the gauge.  The higher the number the thinner the steel.  24-gauge steel doors are commonly found when you're shopping for an inexpensive door, such as those found at home stores. This is a good temporary solution, but don't count on it to last. Rusting and paint chipping is quite common. 24-gauge steel is practically paper thin, and it bends and flexes very easily with nothing but insulation behind it. This flexing causes the paint to chip off, which in turn leaves the steel unprotected and free to rust.

22-gauge steel doors are primarily for the home market. It's a thicker steel that doesn't bend or flex as easy as a 24-gauge, holds paint extremely well, and can have a simulated wood grain cut into it that provides for a wood appearance when finished with a gel-based stain. It costs a little more than the 24-gauge doors, but the difference in quality is huge.

Fiberglass is a relatively new material in doors today. It's very low maintenance, resists denting and scratching, and is very strong and secure. It also offers a wood grain if you desire a wood-look.

 Stay away from the cheap brands if possible. Cheap fiberglass may crack (especially in cold weather) and fall apart. Its finish may deteriorate quickly and the inner core could rot or warp. If you're looking for a cheap door, consider the inexpensive steel ones first.  

We work with a local door company that has been serving the Milwaukee area for well over 50 years.  Threw this supplier we can get the finest in entry, security, interior, and storm doors. Of corse once the new door is on and swinging correctly you might want to replace the door handle or install a viewing hole to see who is at the door before you open it.

KP Carpentry can take care of all of your doors needs.  Whather your door is old and damaged, or squeaky and stuck we can fit it. We also replace worn handles and locks.  Or maybe the trim around the door is in need of repair.  Contact us today and let us fix your door problem.