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KP Carpentry can handle any sheetrock needs that your home might have. We can do all types odrywall work. 
  Eventually even the best built houses develop a few cracks due to settling, usually around doors and windows. Or maybe when the kids were playing, a doorknob, misguided chair, or game of baseball left you with the need for some drywall repair.  We can patch and fix the damaged walls in very little time.

Drywall installation
 can be challenging below is a list of seven common mistakes that a DIYers make
        1. They don't have the proper edge support. 
        2. Don't mark the framing members. 
        3. Don't avoid tapered edgers on outside corners. 
        4. Don't check the fit before they fasten the sheet. 
        5. Don't leave an 1/8" gap between the sheets. 
        6. Don't instal with the fewest amount of joints.     
        7. Don't instal correctly over doors and windows to avoid cracks.
The carpenters at KP Carpentry know how to avoid all of these and other mistakes that are common. We know the proper ways of installing sheetrock. We will avoid any future problems and make the drywall finishing smooth and paint ready.

Drywall finishing can be a difficult skill to master. At KP Carpentry we have the skill and know how to finish drywall. We know how to fill the joints so that they will not be visible once the surface is painted. This is accomplished by applying tape and several layers or joint compound, with careful sanding along the way to smooth out the edges.

Weather it's a drywall repair, drywall installation, or just drywall finishing, KP Carpentry is your drywall contractor. We get the job done right without the dust and dirt that is often associated with most common drywall projects.  Contact us today to get your drywall needs taken care of.