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KP Carpentry is a Milwaukee based independent carpentry contractor that can complete your home improvement and remodeling needs.

Carpentry:  Carpentry is one of the oldest trades known. Carpenters were used in the Roman armies to repair wagons and chariots as well as build catapults and battering rams. There were more carpenters on the Mayflower than members of any other skilled craft. Carpenters became highly respected as their role in building America was so vital. 
Many changes have taken place in the carpentry trade since the old days of the woodworker who built and shaped everything with hand tools. Improved methods of production have been developed. Much of the work is now done with power tools, which operate faster and more efficiently than hand tools.
Some people believe that the characterization of the trade has gone away with the old hand skills that gave carpenters pride in their work. It is true that certain types of skills are no longer needed by everyone who works the trade. Yet, the industry will always need some carpenters who can do the fine work required for the interior finish of a home. Interior finish work includes such task as fitting moulding and panels, installing cabinetry, and hanging doors.
The carpenters at
KP Carpentry can do that and much more . We are a full service carpentry contractor that has experience in finish and light framing, drywall (installation and taping), most flooring, cabinets, countertops, doors and much much more. Contact us today to get your carpentry project under way.    

Residential Remodel:  KP Carpentry has specialized in remodeling bathrooms in the finest neighborhoods of Milwaukee, and Waukesha County. We can help you design your project, or complete existing plans. KP Carpentry moves your renovation needs from dreams to reality, in a smooth and simple manner. Our team is genuinely dedicated to meeting your needs, providing insight and guidance until completion. We are passionate about one thing - getting the work done efficiently, on time and on budget. From the simple home repair to the sophisticated home remodel, our commitment is to making the investment in your home one you'll be proud of for years to come.

Services Include....

We not only excel at remodeling bathrooms or kitchen, we also will renovate your bedrooms, family room, home office, basement and laundry rooms. Basically if you have a room in your home that you are not happy with we can transform it into the room that you never want to leave.

Handyman services: Maybe you don't have a home remodel need. This handyman Service can help turn your "Honey Do List" into a done list! For every handyman maintenance need that may arise, KP Carpentry is committed to providing you with a dependable and skilled handyman, great customer service, and first class workmanship. Just one call or click brings our expertise right to your door.

A good home repair and home improvement is what we love to do. KP Carpentry servicing Milwaukee and Waukesha County is your single solution for that ever growing list of home repairs. Whether you need something installed, built, fixed or maintained, we are your reliable and trusted remodeling contractor for all your home improvement, home repair, renovating and remodeling needs. 

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We are a proud user of the contractor software platform to provide our customers with more professional estimating and invoicing follow up.

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